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 Ed Romanoff   

Ed Romanoff


Ed Romanoff’s 2012 self-titled debut is a gritty masterwork of melancholic and atmospheric Americana. The 11 songs were recorded with Crit Harmon (Lori McKenna, Martin Sexton), Josh Ritter, Tift Merritt, and Meg Hutchinson. Mary Gauthier and Dave Mattacks also feature.

New full album is coming up: "The Orphan King"

plus ED ROMANOFF will be on tour in spring 2017 (check dates below)


Ed Romanoff, Christmas, Birdstone Records


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Ed Romanoff Album



The record evokes the swampy mysticism of New Orleans and the kind of redemption you find at the end of an introspective night with a good bottle of whiskey. “There is something compelling about why I’m doing this now,” Ed says thoughtfully. “There is truth in a good song, and when you pursue it, and write about something real, you find out something real and true about yourself. And the more you do it, the more it helps you heal, and it heals others in a similar way. It’s a crazy circle but it works.”


Ed Romanoff's voice reminds many listeners to the warm baritone of Leonard Cohen....and like Mr. Cohen, Ed Romanoff tells some of the best stories in the world of Singer/Songwriters.


His incredible story is proven in the tracks which cut a wide emotional swath, from the good‐natured sorry-I-messed-up sentimentality of “I Must Have Done Something Right” to the brave vulnerability of “St. Vincent De Paul”, written after a visit to an orphanage in New Orleans. A chance encounter with Nashville songwriter Mary Gauthier led to him being invited, extraordinarily, to perform on Mary’s world tour. Ed joined Mary on tour and performed his songs in theatres across ten countries in front of thousands of people, then on radio and television before millions, live ‘on air.’


Soon after the tour Ed opted to take a DNA test to feel closer to his Russian father, who had passed away many years before. He received the shock of his life in June 2010, when he learned that the father he grew up with was not his biological father after all. The DNA results of several tests confirmed heritage was actually from Ireland or Scotland. On “St. Vincent De Paul” Ed sings about the search for his father with weathered sincerity:  


If we met on the street / Would I Know His Face?

And would he look into mine / And find there is a trace

Of a woman he loved once / A long time ago

Or would I pass him right by

And not even know it

A basket of rushes in a river of men.


Today, Ed continues to write songs and is currently working on a book about the search for his father. He lives in Woodstock NY with his rescue dog from Costa Rica, Freckles and the two travel together.


On Tour (Europe):

special guest for RACHAEL YAMAGATA

2017 April 14, Omeara, London, ENGLAND (UK)

2017 April 15, Omeara, London, ENGLAND (UK)

2017 April 18, Feierwerk, München, GERMANY

2017 April 20, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, GERMANY
2017 April 21, Privatclub, Berlin, GERMANY
2017 April 22, Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, GERMANY
2017 April 23, Festival at the barn (Headliner), Diessen, NETHERLANDS
2017 April 24, Paradiso-Noord Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

2017 April 27, Fonderia Aperta Teatro, Verona, ITALY

2017 April 28, Wishlist, Roma, ITALY

2017 May 05, Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm, Barcelona, SPAIN

2017 May 06, Costello Club, Madrid, SPAIN

2017 May 07, Lost Collective, Lisbon, PORTUGAL



Recent tour dates (Europe):


2015 september 19th, The Garage, London, UK 

2015 september 21st, Logo, Hamburg, GERMANY 

2015 september 22nd, Heimathafen, Berlin, GERMANY

2015 september 24th, Club Il Giardino, Verona, ITALY 

2015 september 25th, Boca Barranca, Ravenna, ITALY

2015 september 26th, Bar Rossi, Zürich, SWITZERLAND 

2015 september 28th, Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, GERMANY

2015 september 29th, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

2015 september 30th, Rotown, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

2015 october 1st, De Nieuwe Erf, Diessen, NETHERLANDS 

2015 october 4th, Bikini, Barcelona, SPAIN  


2015 february 19th, Milla Club, Munich, GERMANY

2015 february 20th, Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, GERMANY

2015 february 21th, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, GERMANY

2015 february 22nd, Studio 672, Cologne (Köln), GERMANY

2015 february 23rd, Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart, GERMANY

2015 february 24th, Steinbruch, Duisburg, GERMANY

2015 february 26th, Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, GERMANY

2015 february 27h, Privatclub, Berlin, GERMANY ---SOLD OUT---   


In the press:   

http://www.buscadero.com/ed- romanoff-ed-romanoff/

-Buscadero, Italy: ***1/2 (out of 4*)  


Ed Romanoff, Buscadero, artist.people.promotion
Ed Romanoff, CD-review in Buscadero, October 2015



plus an article in "Buscadero":


Ed Romanoff, Buscadero, artist.people.promotion
Ed Romanoff in one of Italy's best music magazines, "Buscadero", November 2015


review in Rhein-Main-Magazin:





Ed Romanoff review
Rhein-Main Magazin saying: A MUST !


"High-calibre.. classy... an assured debut album"
- The Telegraph


"The songs are haunting, and good writing like this is all too rare."
- Gurf Morlix- American multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter


-BBC Radio-Scotland Iain Anderson


Between Ed’s sonorous baritone voice and arrangements that feature strings and horns in carefully layered style, this whole record demands you to stop and pay attention, because this is weighty stuff.”
-John Davy – No Depression


Ed Romanoff’s debut CD charms through versatile acoustic guitar work, and writing and singing that are both plainspoken and artful.
-Annie Dinerman-American Songwriter Magazine


If I was to draw a musical map Ed Romanoff would be a
Point somewhere between Mary Gauthier, Sam Baker and
Leonard Cohen. Territory that is, about individuality well- chosen words, emotional soft spoken voices and above all songs that tell stories and have some real resonance. This is Ed Romanoff’s debut album and it's special.

-Steven Rapid - Lonesome Highway


on the record: 

In Germany the song "Two Yellow Roses" is released on the compilation: 

"Independent Celebration, Vol.1" (Birdstone Records)



Birdstone Records


In the radio:

Ed Romanoff, Antenne Frankfurt 2015
Ed Romanoff, Antenne Frankfurt 2015


Ed Romanoff at Tide Radio, Hamburg, 2015
Ed Romanoff at Tide Radio, Hamburg 2015